The Creem Difference

          Legal matters are never easy to deal with, especially when it involves the most important aspects in your life. In these trying times, it's critical to have a professional who understands the best practices that produce results. We always strive for alternative settlement methods, such as collaborative law, mediation and arbitration. However, we know that when all else has failed, you need someone who will fight for you and your family's rights.

          Financial Matters Require a Numbers Person

          Whether your case involves a closely held company that requires valuation or a spouse that may be hiding financial assets, you need a lawyer who has the training to skillfully tackle these issues. The lawyers's job is to identify the issues in the first place and then, when needed, gather the appropriate experts whether they be forensic accountants or business valuation experts. Sarah Creem has the experience needed to build that skilled team for you. Sarah studied business administration with a focus on finance. Her love of math and finance will be of great help to you with the financial issues presented in your case.  


          At Creem Law we are intentional about protecting children from the divorce process. We advise our clients of steps they can take to shield their children who might be caught in the cross-hairs of parents' conflict.  Sarah has three children of her own. She uses her experience as a lawyer and parent to advocate for your child's best interest. Sarah advises clients going through custody and parenting time evaluations so they present at their best.  Divorce is a trying time for everyone, and the stress can bring out the worst. Entrust Sarah to hold your hand through the court process and help you focus on what's important. 

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